She is a great resource with years of experience.

I’ve restored vintage motorcycles, cars, and most recently, a 1965 John Deere tractor. I purchased the tractor online from a seller in Indiana without questioning how I would get it to my home in Wilmington,NC.

logistics company testimonials

In the age where ‘Google It’ just rolls off your tongue, our first inclination is to ask LoriBeth. She is a great resource with years of experience. Jennings International has been in business building Extrusion Equipment for the PTFE market since 1953. Our days are filled with design engineering and manufacturing. We do not spend time determining the logistics of worldwide shipping. When our equipment is finished, tested, and ready for shipment, we rely on our strong relationship with LoriBeth to handle the details of the shipment.

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She handles all aspects of the shipment from our door to the customer’s door. She handles the trucking, the containerization, the loading at the port, the ocean shipment, the customs clearance, the de-containerization, the delivery to the end customer. She handles all the details of payment by Letter of Credit and Insurance. She has provided sound judgment and offered many words of advice making sure our Letters of Credit are properly worded ahead of time, so that when it comes to shipment, the payment is made easily.

  • At the same time, if carriers find themselves with excess capacity, we could also expect them to start canceling sailings which would slow the price decline.
  • John York could not have been more attentive.
  • It is a real pleasure dealing with a firm whose idea of a partnership is done with deeds not only words.
  • “As a fully integrated international transport and distribution company, we arrange the transportation of cargo around the world.
  • LoriBeth was instrumental in providing certain details that were included in the Purchasing Contract that would have been overlooked without her meaningful and timely advice.

Freightera has excellent service, price and quality. I sent a pallet from Toronto to Quebec and the delivery time for the shipment was 24 hours. They give quotes quickly and professionally. I definitely recommend Freightera’s service. As a project manager, I have does uss express work come to rely on Global Net to get my products delivered to my projects. Our product and install portion of the construction industry is saturated with companies that can sell product. We count on vendors being our partners with same sense of urgency as we have.

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I will continue to recommend CS Recruiting and especially yourself to old colleagues and friends looking for roles in the logistics space and will certainly stay in touch.” Wanted to reach out to say thank you for all your help in assisting me land a new job. I was searching through email and realized we’ve been working together on/off for 2 years towards this. I had a great experience and will most definitely recommend CS to any/all contacts. “The experience I’ve had with CS Recruiting was the most efficient I’ve had in seeking employment.

logistics company testimonials

We spoke yesterday and she is a consummate professional. You are building a great team and look forward to working with you all. You guys did an awesome job and Craig was extremely happy with your service/support as well. “Working with Legacy is a Breath of Fresh Air. Everyone is professional, well trained and extremely helpful.”

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